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Tourism: Balneary tourism grew by 18-20% this year


Balneary tourism recorded a 20% increase this year, while sea tourism grew by 10-12% compared to 2016, says Dragos Raducan, the executive vicepresident of FPTR. He pointed out that the good percentage obtained in the balneary area are owed both to the investments made and to the fact that many Romanians preferred to go to a balneary resort than the seaside.

Dragos Raducan declared on Monday, at the end of a debate on the tourism bill, that the increase of balneary tourism was 18-20% higher than last year.

He pointed out that another reason of growth was the fact that many Romanians found it more profitable from the financial point of view to go to balneary resorts rather than the littoral.

“For many Romanians who are at a distance of 500-600 km it is more profitable to go to aqua park or to a balneary resort with swimming pools or to aqua parks, especially in the west of the country, which are more attractive from the financial point of view. Because let us not forget that Romanian tourists are not rich tourists and the distance from Oradea to the littoral, for example, is too big in point of time and transport infrastructure. If we consider the price of a day spent in an aqua park, it is sometimes cheaper than a reclining chair in full season on the littoral,” the FPTR vicepresident said.