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Tourism: Bulgaria receiver three times more Romanians in summer than in  2020


Bulgaria receiver over 461,000 Romanian tourists in summer 2021, about three times more than in 2020 and over 50% more than in 2019, so that 30% of tourists on the Bulgarian sea coast were Romanians, according to an online travel agency.

In August alone, Bulgaria was visited by 250,613 Romanians, compared to 110,190 in 2020.


According to a study made by Travel Planner based on data obtained from the Bulgarian statistics institute, while in May-August 2020 Bulgaria was visited for rest and trips, by 177,757 Romanians, this year there were 461,343 Romanians, 259.54% more, about three times more than on 2020.


More surprising is the fact that versus the summer of 2019, the last normal year, 2021 recorded a 52.7% increase of the number of Romanian tourists. In 2019, Bulgaria was visited, over May-August, by 302,131 Romanians. This year too, Romanians were the main tourists on the Bulgarian sea coast, next to Bulgarians. The top of foreign tourists also included people from Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, France and the Netherlands. 30% of tourists on the Bulgarian sea coast were Romanians in 2021, of a total of 1,532,505 tourists. Last year, Romanians represented 40% of all tourists, but only 8.37% in 2019,” according to the source.


In the summer of 2021, especially in the second part of the season, there were no vacancies in hotels. Bulgarian hotel owners on the Black Sea coast no longer promoted special offers in top season and were surprised by the high demand in the last part of July and in August. 


Agency representatives explained  that the Bulgarian littoral attracted many Romanians on July and August because all restrictions were eliminated for Romanians and they guaranteed accepting tourists until August 31.


Travel Planner consultants show that Romanians are also interested in ski and New Year's Eve offers in Bulgarian mountain resorts, which remain favorite winter destinations.


Travel Planner has accumulated until now over 160,000 tourists and has organized over 40,000 holidays.