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Tourism: Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, countries where Romanians chose to spend holidays this summer

Over 53% of Romanians who spend their holidays abroad this summer cose countries like Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, and 56% chose to travel by personal car, according to an opinion poll made by CEC Bank in partnership with FinZoom.ro.


Greece is the country where most Romanians chose to spend their holidays – 22% of respondents, while 17% chose Bulgaria and 14.5% will go to Turkey. At the same time, over 10% chose to visit Italy, 8% Egypt, over 7% Spain and more than 6% France. Other locations where Romanians will spend their vacations are: Albania, Germany, Tunisia, Hungary, Slovenia, Cyprus, Great Britain, Belgium and Denmark.

Over 56% of respondents chose as transport means their personal cars, 19% trains, 13% airplanes and 12% coaches.


The question “Where do you find the money for vacation?” was answered as follows: 70% of respondents said they save money throughout the year, 20% use holiday tickets, 4% use credit/overdraft cards, 3% say they borrow from relatives or friends and 2% receive holiday bonuses from employers.


As for holiday budget, 35% say it is similar to last year. A 10% to 30% budget drop was recorded for 37% while for 15% there was a 10%-30% increase.

The question referring to how payments will be made, over 62% of respondents say they will use credit or debit cards, or a cash and card combination. 37% say they will use only cash to make payments during holidays.


The opinion poll was made online by FinZoom.ro, upon the demand of CEC Bank, on a representative sample of 1,200 respondents throughout Romania, representative for Internet users.54.9% of respondents are employed, 74.83% live in urban areas and 38.08% are college graduates.


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