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Tourism: Italy, Greece or Spain holiday destinations preferred by Romanian women

Romanian women who book trips on travel platfoms prefer to spend their holidays in Italy, Greece or Spain, according to an analysis made by a travel website.


According to data centralized by eSky, Italy is preferred by women for at least one day trips abroad, with a share of 40% of bookings in the top. Most Romanian women choose to visit Rome on an average trip of seven days, but for longer sojourn they prefer Florence, where they spend eight days on the average. Also, women spend significant time in Milan, Venice and Rimini, about 5 days/destination. In exchange, for shorter, two-days trips, Romanians choose Bologna.


Greece ranks second in the preference top, for which women who travel in top countries book flight and accommodation packages. In this context, Athens is very popular, stays in this city usually having a holiday character, lasting ten days. On the other hand, the islands of Corfou and Lefkada seem ideal destinations for a city break, where Romanian women spend four days.


Spain ranks third among destinations preferred by Romanian women, with a 16% share. In Spain, Romanian women prefer Barcelona, for 5 days sojourns, or a city break of three days in Madrid and Alicante.


The top is completed by France, with 15% of reservations and Malta, holiday packages for this destination representing 9% of total.


The analysis was made based on data supplied by eSky.ro, a platform covering all reservations made over February 28, 2023 – February 29, 2024, for travels made only by women.


The total number of bookings to the countries presented in the top represent 76% of all travels made in that period of time by women.


eSky Group is the owner of the travel website and is offering services in 50 countries. The company is a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA).