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Tourism: STUDY: Romanians, the main foreign tourists on Bulgarian sea coast in 2020


Bulgaria was assaulted by Romanians this summer, as they were the main foreign tourists on the Bulgarian sea coast, with a share of 40% of total. Over 216,000 Romanians went to Bulgaria for their holidays in the first 8 months of the year, which is 20% of the number of foreign tourists, of whom 110,190 in August, according to a study made by Travel Planner, based on statistic data sent by the National Statistic Institute of Bulgaria.


In the first 8 months of the year, Bulgaria was visited by 1,011,051 foreign tourists, of whom 216,033 were Romanians, which means a share of 21.36% of total. In exchange, if we refer strictly to the summer season (June, July and August), of a total of 450,474 foreign tourists, statistics recorded 177,757 Romanians, representing 39.46%.


Compared to the previous years, in June 2019, 33,033 Romanian tourists visited Bulgaria, 64,555 in July and 148,113 in August 2019. In the first 8 months, the income drop for Bulgaria was dramatic – 78.8%, the number of foreign tourists dropping from 4,551,947 last year to 1,011,061 this year.


In the other markets, Bulgaria suffered dramatic drops for June-August. From Germany the drop was 86.7% against the previous year, from Poland 80%, from Ukraine 83.5%, from France 86.5%, from the Netherlands 95.75%, from Great Britain 98% and from Russia 99%.


We notice that Bulgaria received the highest number of tourists this summer. We are happy that official statistics point out  our estimates. Practically, we can say that this year, the Romanians saved the Bulgarian tourism besides the domestic one. At great distance there were tourists from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France and Ukraine,”said Sebastian Constantinescu, the general manager of Travel Planner.


Travel Planner is 12 years old this year. Until now they have accumulated over 135,000 tourists and organized over 38,000 vacations. Despite the present health and economic context, Travel Planner estimates an income of 1 million euros in 2020.