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Tourism: Survey: Almost 39 pct of Romanians say they will not go on holiday this summer

Approximately 39% of Romanians say they will not go on holiday at all this summer, and of those who will, more than 73% will spend their summer holidays in Romania, according to a survey conducted by CEC Bank in partnership with the banking comparison tool FinZoom.ro.

When it comes to the budget allocated this year for the holiday - about 10% of respondents mentioned that they will allocate less than 1,000 RON, almost 25% answered between 1,000 - 3,000 RON, 14.5% will allocate between 3,000 - 6,000 RON, about 9% have planned between 6,000 - 10,000 RON, and almost 4% intend to spend more than 10,000 RON, is mentioned in a bank press release sent on last Tuesday.

To the question "Where will you spend your holiday this year?" more than 34% of respondents said that in Romania, at the seaside, about 32% in Romania in the mountains, and almost 7% will spend their holidays with relatives/at home. At the same time, more than 20% of respondents said they will spend their holidays abroad.

As regards holiday bookings, more than 76% of Romanians mentioned that they take care of this personally, while about 24% of them use the services of a travel agency.

When asked "How many days can you afford to go on holiday this summer?", more than 43% of respondents to the survey said they will go on holiday for 3-4 days, more than 36% said they chose to spend 7 days on holiday, about 11% will go on holiday for 10 days, and almost 10% will spend 14 days or more on holiday.

Rest is the main reason for 56% of Romanians going on holiday, while over 30% of respondents say they will combine useful with pleasant. For 13%, sightseeing is the main reason for going on holiday while only 1% of Romanians said they go on holiday for shopping.

To the question "Do you buy your tickets to tourist attractions online?", more than 37% of respondents say they buy their tickets online, while almost 63% say they do not do so and prefer to buy them directly from ticket offices.

The survey was conducted online by the banking comparison tool FinZoom, at the request of CEC Bank, on a representative sample of around 1,200 respondents from all over the country, representative of internet users. 54.9% of respondents are employed, 74.83% live in the city, 38.08% have higher education.

CEC Bank is the financial institution with the longest tradition in Romania. Founded in 1864, CEC Bank currently has the largest national network, with over 1,000 branches and territorial units and assets of over 61.7 billion RON at the end of 2022.

CEC Bank is a leading universal bank on the Romanian market and offers a full range of products and services to individuals, SMEs and large corporations, through multiple distribution channels: banking units, ATM and POS networks, internet banking (CEConline), mobile banking (CEC app) and the CEC_IN virtual store - where banking products and services can be accessed 100% online.