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Tourism: Survey: Romanian littoral leads in top of destinations where tourists were disappointed this summer

The Romanian littoral is leader in the top of destinations where tourists were disappointed this summer. At the opposite pole we find Maramures, Bucovina and Transylvania, as the most welcoming areas in Romania, according to an opinion poll made by an online hotel platform.


According to an opinion poll made by the online hotel platform Travelminit.ro, Romanians say they were welcomed with great hospitality in Maramures and Bucovina (areas voted by 22.7% of respondents), in Transylvania (area voted by 20.9% of respondents) and in Banat (20.1% if respondents). These are areas where tourists found the best accommodation conditions in Romania, a sign that local tourism is in full development and investments bring results. At the opposite pole, the Romanian littoral leads in the top of destinations which disappointed tourists this summer,” according to a Travelminit release.


According to the Travelminit survey, in point of prices, tourists noticed high and very high increases compared to last year, for accommodation, food, wellness services, tourist attractions and transport. As for the budget allocated for a holiday in Romania, the situation is as follows: 70.5% of respondents would allocate between 150 and 300 lei for a night in a double room, 19.4% would allocate under 150 lei for a night in a double room, 8.6% would allocate between 300 and 500 lei for a night in a double room, while only 1.4% would spend over 500 lei for the same type of accommodation.


As for the factors that determine tourists to choose a type of accommodation to the detriment of another one, the general aspect of the room and unit ranks first. It is followed by price, position of accommodation (closer to sites of interest), facilities offered by the unit, additional services included in the package (access to spa, fitness) and flexible reservation conditions.


For the disappointment chapter, respondents included prices in the first position, an additional proof that latest increases aroused a lot of discontent among tourists. The list of aspects for which they were disappointed also includes staff attitude, room aspect, precarious hygiene conditions, restaurant menus and the lack of parking areas.

In the survey made among tourists, the Travelminit team tried to learn directly from the source criteria which may convince the Romanians to travel in Romania more, what could tourism players do to encourage local holidays.


As expected, the first option (voted by 74% of respondents) was adjusting prices to salaries in Romania, so that tourists may afford more often holidays in the country. They also want accommodation offers including more facilities and services in the same price, investments in infrastructure and in accommodation units, a better staff training, and an original menu,” the survey shows.


The feedback is extremely important in the process of improving services in tourism. According to the Travelminit survey, 62.6% of respondents leave a review every time they travel in Romania, 28.4% leave reviews if they were satisfied by the accommodation, 6.5% leave a review if they were disappointed, while only 2.5% say they never leave reviews. Last but not least, 93.9% consider opinions expressed contribute to better conditions in the tourism industry.


Set up in Cluj Napoca, Travelminit company has been one of the biggest players in the hotel reservation market in Romania since 2017. The Travelminit portfolio includes 7,500 accommodation units (hotels, pensions, apartments) in Romania , active on the platform and covering a wide range of accommodations throughout the country (littoral, mountain, balneary resorts and large cities), being a leader in the reservation market with holiday cards. In 2021, Travelminit reports 13.5 million euro sales in Romania and 16 million website visits.

Since 2020, Travelminit has been part of Szallas Group, which has 12 hotel platforms in Central and Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia), with sales of over 150 million euros and over 350 employees.