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Tourism: The Romanian tourists spent over 77 million euro in the first five countries of destination in December

The Romanian tourists spent in December 2022 over 77 million euro, cumulated in the first five countries of destination- Malta, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany shows a study published by Revolut

According to the quoted source, the top was maintained in the last quarter of last year and the value of the quarterly expenses for this category of services surpassed 225 million euro.

The Romanians occupied the second position among the foreign tourists who went to  Bulgaria, after the British, in Hungary, again the second position after the British, in the Czech Republic – the fourth position after the Poles, the British, the Slovaks, in Poland- the eighth position, after the British, the Irish, the Czech, the Lithuanians, the Germans, the Spanish and the Dutch.

On the other hand, foreign tourists who spent the most in Romania, in the last month of 2022 were the ones from the UK, Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands. They left approximately 26 million euro in Romania. At quarterly level, the top was slightly modified, between the first five countries from where the tourists getting into Italy, instead of the Netherlands.

Similarly,in the top of touristic expenses you find the sums allocated by the Romanians established abroad who visit their families in the country during the summer and winter holidays.

According to the quoted source, the winter holiday 2022 brought an important increase in tradings and sums spend by the users of Revolut from Romania in the countries visited during the holidays, as well as those made by the tourists coming to our country.

This trend is kept in the first month of the new year, as the consumers either prolonged their winter holidays, or they look for the most advantageous offers to prepare the future holidays and trips.

The first December with no restrictions and limitations of mobility over the last three years brought an important growth of the sums  spent by the Romanian users of Revolut abroad (+ 177%) according to the data cumulated and anonymously analysed by the financial super-application.

Similarly over the last quarter of the year, Revolut recorded an increase by 40% of the touristic expenses made by the clients in Romania, the second market at global level according to the number of users: 2.5 million at the end of last year.

The total elimination of travel restrictions led to important growth of expenses for tourism for all generations of travel fans, but records were made by extremes of generations ( 18 – 24 and over 65).

The representatives of Generation Z and  baby boomers spent, in December 2022 three times more than in December 2020 with Revolut to acquire touristic services ( volumes adjusted with the increase of the number of clients over the local market).

At the same time, the biggest budgets allocated to tourism were recorded at the level of 45 – 54 years old, with 285 euro/client, on average, at the level of December 2022,namely 366 euro on average/client during the last quarter. At the level of the whole year, the Romanians who spent most for touristic services were those in the area of 35-44 years old, with 660 euro/client.