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Tourism : Turnover of travel agencies exceeds 2.3 billion lei in 2017

Travel agencies last year recorded 2.306 billion lei in turnover, of which 2.067 billion that of tour operators and 239.151 million lei of those with sales of their own tourist packages, according to data centralised by the National Institute of Statistics. 

The overall number of tourists participating in tourist activities organised last year by tour operators and by tourism agencies with sales of their own tourist packages stood at 1.778 million. Of these, 85.6 percent represented tourists having purchased tourist packages with tour operators. 

Most Romanian tourists preferred packages abroad. Romanian tourists who sought the services of tour operators on the outbound accounted for 49.1 pct of the total number of tourists who traveled with this type of agency, followed by 44 pct - Romanian tourists who booked domestic packages and foreign tourists who visited Romania - 6.9 pct.

The Romanian tourists who bought domestic packages offered by tour operators mainly opted for the seaside (51.6 pct), the mountain area (12 pct) and spas (4.6 pct). The preference ranking was similar for domestic tourism packages offered by travel agencies: seaside (37.6 pct), mountain areas (12.4 pct), spas (11.7 pct).

Accommodation services accounted for 57 pct of the tour operators' domestic tourist packages, for 45.8 pct both for their inbound tourism activity and for their outbound tourism, followed by the transport services with a share of 28.3 pct for outbound tourism, and food services (restaurant, café, bar) with 20.1pct for domestic tourism activities. The fee charged by tour operators ranged between 8.4 pct and 8.7 pct. The share of food services was 17.9 pct for inbound tourism, 17.8 pct for domestic tourism and 13.2 pct for outbound tourism. The fee charged by tour operator travel agencies stood at an average of 8.3 pct.

Statistical numbers for travel agencies are similar, with accommodation services for domestic tourism activities accounting for 56.7 pct, 44.8 pct for outbound tourism activities and 39.4 pct for inbound tourism. Transport services accounted for 26.3 pct for outbound tourism and 23.5 pct for inbound tourism, while the share of food services was 18.5 pct for inbound tourism and 15.2 pct for outbound tourism. The fee charged by travel agencies stood at an average of 9.1 pct.