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Trade: 5% of Romanians have started online Christmas shopping spree


Romanians will increase their shopping budget this year by 3%, while 5% of them have already started buying Christmas gifts in October, a study made by an online magazine shows.


Women stole the start and have already begun shopping for presents. 32% of the women interviewed say they have started holiday shopping, while only 9% of men did the same thing. While most men and women say they are still waiting to buy gifts, 15% of women and 25% of men say they will not buy anything this year. Young families have already gone shopping for the holidays. Of them, 23% have 5 or more members and 37% have children 12 years old and younger. Only 15% of families

with one child or childless have gone shopping for the holidays yet,” said Cata Simion, CEO of www.negociat.ro.


According to the same study, most families (26%) have planned to spend between 200 and 400 lei, a normal expense level for people who earn less than 4,000 lei/month. More families that earn over 5,000 lei/year intend to spend between 500 and 1,000 lei.


Mention should be made that 16% of families that earn less than 4,000 lei/month say they intend to spend more than last year, compared to 8% of families earning over 5,000 lei/month who say the same thing. A? part of online sales, toys and electronic equipment are preferred. Online shopping could register an important increase this year, being preferred by young buyers who can quickly and efficiently find what they want by using their smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer,” say E-Commerce

specialists from Negociat.ro.

At the same time, they point out that, in the last part of 2020, retail sales have dropped considerably compared to the same period of 2019. “Uncertainty and the slow sale growth could cast a shadow on the shopping season, this year. Anyway, there are signs that retail sales will grow, with an impulse from positive trends in the labor and real estate markets,” specialists say.