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Trade: About half of retail and FMCG managers anticipate a drop of number of jobs in the field in 2024

About half of managers in retail and consumer goods industry (FMCG) consider the number of jobs will drop in 2024, while six out of ten (58%) want a change of the organizing climate, according to a specialized study.


According to data analysed by Pronext, 12% of retail and FMCG professionals declare optimistic and say next year will bring more job opportunities.


At the same time, 46% of respondents say the number of hiring opportunities will drop in their fields of activity next year, while for 42% in 2024 the number of new jobs will stagnate.


According to the mentioned source, the main motivation for 58% of retail and FMGC managers who want a new job is present porganizing climate change. About a quarter (22%) of people interviewed said they wanted to change their job to develop professionally, 17% wanted higher salaries, while only 3% selected the need for promotion as the main reason.


In fact, 47% of all respondents interviewed by Pronext said that moving to another type of company was the main challenge their were looking for in their next profesional role. Of them,19% chose international projects, 18% picked moving to anoter kind of role and 16% chose innovation projects.


Specialized research shows that about half of managers consider the evolution of consumption will influence more and more retail and consumer goods industry in 2024, while for 36% of executives technology has the most important role, and 17% announce that new investments in expanding networks are the most relevant.

44% of people interviewed chose the capacity to innovate, 33% adaptability, 14% leadership and 8% focusing on the customer.


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