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Trade: Analysis: Food, toys, books, jewelry and sports and household products register highest online sale increases this year


Food, products for sport and fitness, toys, books, jewelry and household goods are categories which recorded the highest online sale increases at world level. Online sales of food and necessary products  needed for the “new normality” grew up to 400% since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, shows an analysis made in 40 countries, Romania included, by  VTEX, a completely integrated trade solution, marketplace and Order Management System.


The highest sale increase of online sales was that of foodstuff. As of March, 2020, online food sales grew up to 400%, an increase remaining constant at over 300%.

A similar evolution was recorded by the sport & fitness category, which  reached in June a 250% increase against the same period of 2019. The growing trend maintained throughout the year, with an increase of over 150% in the last months.


Products and decorations for home, toys, books, jewelry and electronics also recorded sales of over 150%. In past months, the advance remained around 100%.

Online sale increases this year was backed when new categories of customers joined eCommerce. While until last year, internet purchases were  considered to be mainly used by young persons, this year several millions of world clients aged over 50 made online purchases.


Another factor that contributed to the positive evolution of eCommerce industry in 2020 was the high degree of opening sellers had toward making partnerships, associations, finding new income sources. It is a tendency to be manifested in the following period  and which determines  a rapid growth of the number of marketplaces, company representatives say.


These were some of the most important topics/recommendations/ solutions debated at the third edition of European Digital Commerce in Romania, part of the European event with the same name, devoted to trade industry.


The third edition of the event in Romania were held on December 9 , for the first time online. European Digital Commerce brought together over 450 specialists interested in trade tendencies of omni-channel challenge, of the adaptation process to new realities and means to grow and develop businesses in this period, in the context of Covid 19 pandemic.


The European Digital Commerce event is part of a series of periodical conferences devoted to the trade industry, carried out in several European countries.

VTEX is the first and only fully integrated trade solution, marketplace and Order Management System in the world, which unify users' experiences on all channels, in a single complete solution, meant for medium and big companies.

VTEX collaborates with retail, production, distribution, retail sales, supermarkets, companies and other vertical markets.