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Trade: Bottled beer sales grew in 2020, first time in 5 years


Sales of plastic bottled beer grew in 2020, for the first time after 5 years of drops, registering increases in other categories of bottled beer, said Julia Leferman, general manager of the Beer Makers' Association of Romania, in a debate on beer industry.


The beer market in Romania, according to the Beer Makers' Association of Romania, had increases in beer sales in disposable packaging, after 5 years in which the market knew drops of plastic bottled, and canned beer sales. Conclusions showed the consumers' preference for single use packaging and an increase of beer consumption. For us, that was a significant trend change, under the sign of consumers' preferences in pandemic conditions,” said Julia Leferman.


She mentioned that in 2020 beer sales dropped in the case of reusable packaging – glass bottles and draft beer barrels, usually available in hotels and restaurants.

We recorded a dramatic drop in 2020 in the distribution of sales channels to 8%. A part of beer sales moved to the retail segment, which grew accordingly. This change which is an immediate consequence of prevention measures against the spreading of Covid 19 adopted by the authorities, which generated a different orientation of consumers in beer purchases,” said Leferman.


She showed that 94% of the beer sold in Romania in 2020 was pale ale, while beer with zero alcohol had a share of 1.4% of the market.


There were no significant changes as concerned the types of beer. Pale lager beer is preferred by 94% of Romanians. Mixtures of beer and aromatic beers continued to grow. There is a low increase of zero alcohol beer – 1.4% of the market, a segment encouraged by the producer and with growing tendency at European level,” Leferman explained.