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Trade: E-commerce in Romania represents 14pct of total retail trade


 One in two Romanians did online shopping in 2023, with the share of this type of shopping in the total value of retail trade in Romania being 14%, according to Statista data cited in a report by an e-commerce platform.

At the end of 2023, the number of Romanians who did online shopping reached 10.2 million, with prices remaining the most important criterion in choosing an online retailer (45%), followed by special offers (36%), policy of delivery (34%) and easy checkout (29%).

According to estimates, the value of the local eCommerce market would reach EUR 7.3 billion as Millennials and Generation X are the most active online buyers in Romania. At the opposite pole are Generation Z and Baby Boomers, who are more reluctant or have a lower presence in e-commerce.

According to the analysis carried out by MerchantPro, the 35-44-year age group has the largest share in the use of e-commerce, with almost a quarter of the total. The next group, the 25-34 year old, recorded a close proportion, 23.82%, while the 45-54 year old group is not far behind, at 23.52%. Conversely, young adults aged 18-24 and people aged 55-64 are less active in e-commerce, cumulatively representing less than 28%.

Regarding the major trends that will influence the market in 2024, experts point to an ever-increasing competition, especially from strong international competitors, especially brands from the European Union (EU) or, recently, players from the non-EU area, such as Shein or Temu, whose rise is accelerating globally.

MerchantPro's "eCommerce Insights 2024" report highlights an average growth of only 3% in local store sales in 2023 compared to the previous year, and children's items represent the most dynamic market segment, with a 20% jump. In terms of the number of orders filed by customers, the increase remains moderate, namely 5.5%.

Amidst inflation and falling purchasing power, the average value of the order registered by the shops on the MerchantPro platform was around EUR 54 in 2023, 2.5% lower than in 2022, when it was EUR 55.5 euros.

MerchantPro is a project of the ShopMania Net Company dealing with eCommerce entrepreneurs from Romania and Europe, through competitive e-commerce functionalities, professional support services and customised solutions.

Currently, the platform is used regionally by over 5,000 online shops, of which almost 2,000 are active in Romania.