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Trade: Romania recorded 21% higher deficit  for foodstuff trade in first 9 months of 2020

Romania recorded a deficit of 1.24 billion euros for the foodstuff trade  in the first 9 months of the year, on the rise by 21% compared to the same period of 2019, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - MADR data. Exports grew by 3%, amounting to 5.21 billion euros, but import advance was 6%, to 6.46 billion euros.


According to MADR data, the overall quantity of foodstuff exported over January-September 2020 in EU and non EU countries was by over 4 million tons higher against the imported one, but Romania continued to export raw materials and import processed goods with high VAT.12.41 million tons of foodstuff were exported and 7.91 million tons were imported in the first 9 months of the year.


Pork meat holds the same first position as before in the top of products imported  by Romania. Over January 1- September 30, 2020 about 192,000 tones of pork meat  were imported from EU and third countries, for 433.17 million euros.

Bakery, pastry products and biscuits ranked second with 120,330 tons worth 262.17 million euros, while animal food  of 398,501 tons  worth 236.5 million euros ranked third.Other foodstuff products imported by Romania in the first 9 months of 2020 were: cheese, chocolate, corn, coffee, etc.


Exports recorded high amounts from cereal deliveries in EU and non EU countries. Corn ranked first with  747.26 million euros and over 3.89 million tons. Wheat  ranked second for export with 3.75 million tons and incomes of 723.36 million euros, while cigars and cigarettes of 32,453 tons were exported for 558.27 million euros.

Export top 10 includes sunflower seeds, barley, livestock, especially sheep/goats, bakery products, sunflower oil.


In 2019 Romania had a deficit of 1.225 billion euros in the trade with foodstuff, on the rise by 8% compared to 2018, when it was 1.133 billion euros.