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Trade: Romanians’ alcoholic beverages consumption up by 5 pct in 2016



A Romanian consumed 30.156 liters of alcoholic beverages on average in 2016, an increase by 5 percent compared with 2015, business-review.eu reports. The biggest quantity is represented by beer, with over 16.584 liters, according to a release of the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

Also, in 2016 a person consumed monthly 0.89 liters of wine in average, 0.21 liters of tuica (plum brandy) and natural rachiu (brandy).

A Romanian consumed on average 18.683 liters of wine. The monthly average shows that a Romanian acquired 1.577 liters of alcoholic beverages, out of which 1.251 liters of beer, 0.246 liters of wine and 0.042 liters of tuica and natural rachiu.

At the same time, a Romanian spent on beverages RON 97.2 in a year. The highest quantity of alcohol is acquired in the urban area, 1.693 liters monthly in average, while in rural area, a Romanian acquires 1.461 liters.

The main destination of household expenses, the consumption, amounted to 71.7 percent of the overall expenses in average on the overall households.

The expenses of consumption represented RON 1,810.8 monthly/household and the expenses in cash for food products, non-food products and services payment represented RON 1,6112.6 monthly (63.9 percent of the total expenses).