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Trade: Share of food and non alcoholic beverages  in overall expenses is 2.5 times higher in Romania than EU average


The share of food and non alcoholic beverages in  overall expenses in Romania is 28%, the highest in EU, 2.5 times over average, according to Social Monitor infographic, a project made by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Romania. 

Great Britain is at the opposite pole, with only 8% of total.

Romania is preceded by Lithuania, 21.6%, Estonia -20.3%, Bulgaria 19.2% and Hungary 18.2%.

“It is known that the share of food and alcoholic beverages in overall household  expenses is a synthetic indicator of the quality of life. The lower the share, the better people live,” infographic shows.

When Romanians spend more than half of their money for food and household, this means cuts in other consumption categories, especially cultural-recreational ones, HoReCa type and financial services.

According to infographic data,  household, water, electricity and gas expenses as well as for other fuels have a share of 22.5% (compared to 24.2% EU average), expenses for furniture, house equipping and maintenance are 15.3% (15.5% EU average), for alcoholic beverages and tobacco 5.7% (3.8% EU average), while 5.8% of total expenses (8.5% EU average) is allocated for recreation and culture , for education 2.1% (1.1% EU average) and 3.7% for HoReCa type services (11.4% EU average).

According to data of the National Statistics Institute, published on July 10, food and non alcoholic beverage rank first in the structure of overall expenses in Romania (33.2%), followed by expenses for water, electricity, gas and other fuels (18.6%), alcoholic beverages and tobacco (8.1%), clothes and footwear (6.8%) and health (5.25%).

Romanians spend the least for education (0.5%) and for recreation and culture (2.9%).