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Trade: Survey: Only 46% of Romanians in urban area spent whole budget planned for Black Friday

Only 46% of Romanian Internet users in the urban area spent the whole budget planned for Black Friday, this year. Most expenses were between 500 and 2,000 lei (40%), according to the 7th edition of the Black Friday study made by Starcom.


The survey points out that most Romanians continue to pay from their savings on Black Friday, while payments made from current salaries and credit were more frequent in 2021 compared to previous years.


Retailers' websites were the main information sources during the Black Friday campaign, with a significant increase, this year. Social media is on a decreasing trend, compared to previous years, the most visible drop being for Facebook ads (- 8% against 2020). According to the new data, Romanians looked for secure information, such as recommendations from friends, family or colleagues,

As for the favorite purchase method for fashion and beauty categories, many people preferred buying directly from stores, where they could try products and receive the sales assistants' recommendations. Categories like electronics and household appliances were mostly purchased online, even if they represent a more significant investment. The most important advantages of online purchases taken into account by Romanians are additional sales and other consumers' comments.


The products preferred by Romanians on Black Friday this year were clothes, body care products,perfumes, smart phones and electronic accessories, smart TV sets and audio systems as well as electronic appliances.


There was a drop in the case of smart phones in 2021 against 2020, Internet users in the urban area buying fewer such appliances than their initial intention.


Smart TV sets were favorite products in the electronic category, while microwave ovens, vertical vacuum cleaners and irons were the main appliances bought on Black Friday 2021.


The satisfaction score showed that 6 out of 10 Internet users in the urban area were satisfied by this year's Black Friday campaign. In the conditions of a new year of uncertainty consumers' expectations seem to be harder to fulfill.


The Starcom study was carried out in two stages: the first onewas before Black Friday to identify intentions of future buyers, while the second was after the event, to discover the real buying behavior and how the buyers' plans changed. The study was made on a representative sample made of 1,079 respondents, Internet users in the urban area.


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