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Trade : Survey: Romanian women allocate up to 500 lei monthly for cosmetic products and routine personal care


Over three quarters of Romanians allocate between 100 and 500 lei per month to purchase cosmetics or for routine personal care, according to a survey made by Esteto.ro , an online store for women, according to which quality is the main argument taken into account when buying cosmetic or personal care products.


The survey, made at the end of May, on a sample of 4,995 respondents, of whom 98% women, indicates the main changes made in the last year in the purchase of cosmetic and personal care products.


Online shops climbed in the preference top of women when we speak about the place where they bought cosmetics and personal care products. About 30% of respondents said they prefer that sale channel , one of the biggest changes in the consumer behavior determined by the pandemic. Previously, supermarkets,hypermarkets and online specialized shops were equal in the consumers' preferences.


Moreover, more than half of respondents (47%) make weekly online purchases, a sign that this way of buying is more and more used, only 1% of respondents mentioning that they never made online purchases. 66% of respondents continue to use cash on delivery payment means.


Shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, perfume, hair dye, antiperspirants, hydrating cremes and lotions and soap are cosmetic products most successful in the past year as they are products most used in the Romanian women's daily routine, according to the same survey.


35% of respondents take into account mainly the quality of products when they buy them, while 16% of respondents indicate price as the main argument in the purchase process. They are followed by brand (15%), necessity (12%) and promotions (6%) as the main purchase reasons indicates by women.


The survey was made online, upon the request of Esteto.ro, at the end of May 2021,on a sample of 4,995 respondents (98% women, 2% men) aged over 18, in the urban area (70%) and rural area (30%). The margin of error was +/- 2%.

Esteto.ro is one of the biggest online shop for women that sells over 500,000 products (cosmetics, perfumes, books, toys, watches, jewelry, Home& Deco and Fashion) and integrates in its own marketplace over 300 active partners.