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Chevron can continue its activity in Vaslui county


Iasi court rejected the demand made by the Initiative group of Barlad civil society to suspend the effects of environment accords obtained by Chevron in Vaslui for the exploitation of schist gas. Therefore the oil company may carry out its activity in the county.


The Initiative Group of Barlad Civil Society (GISC) lost the trial against the Environment Protection Agency Vaslui and Chevron Romania company by which it requested the suspension of effects of the environment accord for the exploitation of schist gas in Silistea-Pungesti, Popeni- Gagesti and Paltinis-Bacesti localities.


Iasi court rejected the GISC demand. Therefore Chevron can resume its activity for the exploitation of schist gas in Vaslui county, based on environment accords obtained by APM Vaslui.


The court decision is not final and GISC can appeal.


Chevron company has four environment accords in Vaslui county for the exploitation of schist gas. It has also obtained two building authorizations for the platforms where drilling rigs will be set up at Silistea-Pungesti and Puiesti. In May, Chevron started drilling works in Pungesti.


Chevron completes shale gas exploration phase at Pungesti site

Chevron completed the shale gas exploration phase initiated in early May at the well installed in Pungesti - Vaslui County (eastern Romania). Drilling was performed by Dafora Medias experts who took rock samples for lab tests that will determine if natural gas is present, as well as the necessary technology to produce it.

'Exploration activities at the well near the village of Silistea - commune of Pungesti were finalised. Drilling started in early May 2014, after all safety and performance checks were completed without incident. Chevron currently analyzes the information acquired during drilling operations and geophysical investigations at the well, to assess the shale gas potential,' Chevron Romania said in a release.

Chevron holds environmental agreements to start exploration in four blocks in Vaslui County : Popeni 1A - Gagesti commune; Silistea 1A - Pungesti; Paltinis 1A - Bacesti commune; Puiesti - Puiesti commune. The oil company obtained in April 2014 the second building permit for a new exploration well in Puiesti.