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Electricity import up 513 GWh in 2021, export up 1,106 GWh

 The electricity import increased in 2021 by 513 GWh compared to the previous year, and the export increased by 1,106 GWh (+23pct) compared to 2020, when it was 4,809 GWh, according to data centralized by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The net electricity production (representing the gross production from which the consumption used for the production of electricity and thermal energy is subtracted) was 5,4636 GWh, higher by 2,712 GWh than in 2020.

According to the INS data, electricity resources in 2021 were 4,048 GWh (+6.4pct) higher than in 2020, with domestic production in total resources having a share of 88pct, as last year. Electricity imports increased by 6.7pct.

Compared to the previous year, there was an increase in the production of hydroelectric energy (+2,044 GWh, representing +13pct) and thermoelectric energy (+1,891 GWh, representing +6pct), while the production of wind energy and solar photovoltaic energy have decreased by 5.3pct and 1.7pct, respectively.

Regarding the total energy resources available in 2021, they registered an increase compared to those in 2020. Compared to the previous year, primary energy production increased by 2.9pct, energy resource imports increased by 13 .8pct, gross internal energy consumption by 6pct, and final energy consumption by 7.9pct.

The total energy resources available in 2021 accumulated 43.2 million tons of oil equivalent (toe), both primary energy production and imports of energy products registering increases.

Primary energy resources in 2021 stood at 41.824 million tons of oil equivalent, increasing by 4.5pct compared to 2020.

Primary energy production in 2021, of 22.999 million toe, increased by 648,000 toe compared to 2020.

The import of energy products increased by 13.8pct compared to last year.

Gross domestic consumption (including losses) increased last year by 1.931 million toe (+6pct).

As a share in the total final energy consumption, population consumption ranked first (34.5pct), followed by transport and industry, with 27.5pct and 27.1pct, respectively.