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Energy & Environment

The hydro energy production of Romania increased by 21.2% last year

Thursday, July 25, 2019


The production of hydro energy of Romania increased by 21.2% last year, as compared to 2017, getting to 4 million tons equivalent petrol (tep) according to a report made by the British company BP at world level. The biggest producer of hydro energy of the EU was Finland with 14.5 tep, more by 30.5% against the previous year. There follows Sweden with 14 tep (dropping by 4.7% ) and Italy with 10.4 tep ( up by 33%). At world ...

SWAZM has joined hands with Restart Energy to create the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer energy marketplace - the RED Platform

Thursday, July 25, 2019


SWAZM has partnered with Restart Energy to create the RED Platform - a peer-to-peer system which utilizes cutting-edge blockchain and IoT technology in order to empower consumers to acquire and trade renewable energy cheaper, directly from producers. Restart Energy is moving towards democratising the global energy market with the RED Platform. RED will enable consumers to become prosumers powered by solar energy?, ?both increasing energy independence ...

ANRM  launches auction for 28 oil & gas perimeters

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Romanian mineral resources regulator (ANRM) has launched an auction for 28 oil & gas perimeters, a first for the last decade. Among the new perimeters, 22 are onshore and 6 offshore in the Black Sea. The decision was published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette. The companies interested in these projects (exploration and exploitation) should submit their offers in 120 days (4 months) following the date of the release ...

Saipem wins $160 mln offshore drilling contracts in Romania, Abu Dhabi

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Italian oil and gas industry contractor Saipem said it has been awarded new contracts in offshore drilling in Romania and Abu Dhabi worth over $160 million (142.6 million euro). According to one contract, the company will drill a well in Romania’s Black Sea waters, expectedly in the fourth quarter of 2019, Saipem said in a press release on Monday. Works will be executed by the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 9, a drilling ...


Thursday, July 25, 2019

 Fondul Proprietatea warns of the dire consequences for Hidroelectrica’s profitability, and overall business performance, as a direct result of the implementation of ANRE Order no. 10/2019 (the “Order 10”) regarding the regulated energy prices and quantities for electricity sold by the producers on the basis of regulated contracts, issued by National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE). According to Order 10, Hidroelectrica, the most  profitable ...

Gas imports in May by 353 times higher than last year

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Romania imported 1,185,490 MWh of gas in May 2019, 353 times more than in the same month last year, according to data released by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE),In May 2018, Romania imported only 3,353 MWh.This happened after the gas quantities imported in April 2019 were 100 times higher than in April 2018.At the same time, the average import price for gas in May 2019 stood at 89 lei per MWh, according to ANRE, by 12 ...

Coal production down 2.4 pct in five months, imports up by almost 50 pct

Thursday, July 25, 2019

 The net coal production totalled 1.621 million tonnes of oil equivalent in January-May, in Romania, by 2.4 percent less (39,500 toe) than in the same period last year, according to data centralized by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).Romania imported 268,900 toe of net coal in the same interval, by 88,300 (48.9 per cent) more compared with January-May 2018.According to the Strategic Energy Project, published on the Website of the ...

Romgaz gas production up 6.1 percent in the first half of the year

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Romgaz recorded a total gas production of 17.43 million boe (oil barrels equivalent) in the first half of this year, 6.1 percent higher than in the similar period of 2018, according to preliminary data submitted to Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). The extracted methane gas accounted for 17.35 million boe (2.7 billion cubic meters), an increase of 2.3 percent over the first 6 months of 2018. The methane gas from domestic production delivered to third ...

Adrian Dumitriu (Nuclearelectrica): „Renewable energy sources will play a very important role in the future, but Romania’s energy mix cannot exclude nuclear energy”

Thursday, July 25, 2019

After years of robust growth for Romania’s energy sector, businesses in the industry are facing major challenges in 2019, mainly because of the substantial regulatory changes introduced recently, including a 2 percent tax on turnover, a cap on gas prices, and more. Industry leaders, professional organisations and members of regulatory institutions met at Business Review’s Energy in Focus conference to talk about the first effects the recent legislative ...

ANRE: over 1.1 million household consumers of electricity chose the competition market last year

Thursday, July 18, 2019

A number of 1,181,102 household consumers of electricity opted for the signing of the contracts on the competition market last y ear, according to the data of the National Authority for Regulation in Energy (ANRE). The total number of consumption places for the end clients supplied by FUI (the last instance supplier on the regulated market ) dropped by 11.84% in 2018 against 2017. This trend is determined, mostly, by the migration of ...

Romania and  the Kingdom of Bahrain could develop partnership in oil and natural gas, petro-chemistry and electricity sector

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Romania and the Kingdom of Bahrain could develop partnerships in the domains of oil and natural gas, petro-chemistry and electricity, according to a press release of the Ministry for business environment, commerce and entrepreneurship ( MMACA). The state secretary of MMACA Paula Pirvanescu met with the subsecretary for international business in the ministry of foreign affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Shaikh Abdullah bin ahmed al ...

BP: Romania ranked 13th in EU for renewable energy production in 2018

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Romania ranked 13th in EU for the production of energy from renewable sources, with 8.6 TWh, according to a report made by the British company BP at world level.  The production of green energy in Romania was in 2018 by 11.8% lower than in 2017. Wind turbines generated 6.5 TWh, photovoltaic panels – 1.7 TWh, and other resources 0.5 TWh. In the European classification, Germany was leader for ...

Rompetrol Rafinare, a new stage in greening of the historical settling lagoons from Vega Refinery

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Rompetrol Rafinare announces the continuation of the program for remediation and greening of the historical lagoons of Vega Ploiesti Refinery and the transition to the most important stage - the neutralization and effective disposal of acid tar and oil residues. The deadline for completion is forecasted for 2022, the investment effort amounting to several tens of millions USD. “It is an important project for Rompetrol Rafinare and its majority ...

COFACE Study: Natural gas: an oscillation between boom and gloom

Thursday, July 18, 2019


* The natural gas market is booming and will increase in the medium term, but many factors point to a less promising future. Until recently, natural gas was acclaimed as the "cleanest" of fossil fuels and all indicators point to an increase in demand and production. However, the market is evolving rapidly, and renewable energy sources are progressively becoming popular and economically viable alternatives to fossil ...

Imports of crude oil, down 0.6pct in first five months of 2019; production, down 0.5pct

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Romania imported in the first five months of 2019 a quantity of 3.44 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) of crude oil, by 0.6pct (21.700 toe) lower than that of the similar period in 2018, according to data centralized by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).Domestic crude oil production was 1.38 million toe, 0.5pct (7.600 toe) below the one from January to May 2018.According to the Romanian Energy Strategy, the crude oil production in Romania is on a ...

Primary energy supply, up 1pct, Jan.-May, 2019; electricity supply, down 4.5pct

Thursday, July 18, 2019

During 1.I – 31.V.2019, primary energy resources increased by 1.0%, while those of electricity decreased by 4.5% as compared to the same period of previous year. Romania's primary energy supply increased by 1.0pct, while electricity supply declined 4.5pct, both in the first five months of 2019, year-over-year, according to data published on Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).The ...

OMV Petrom, the largest Romanian listed company, becomes ARIR’s member

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR) has announced that OMV Petrom, the largest Romanian listed company in terms of market capitalization from Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), becomes ARIR associate member. “We are proud to join ARIR. Being among the first Romanian listed companies to have an IR department, we have been pioneers in terms of capital market communication and engagement, and continuously develop our IR activities. ...

ANALYSIS. Romanian gas market: the return of the Russians

Thursday, July 18, 2019

For years, Romania was considered one of the least dependent countries on Russian gas imports, as it had its own resources covering most of its domestic demand. But commentators say things are about to change this year, mainly due to new regulations. After 2013, Romania’s gas imports from Russia rapidly declined, reaching a decades-low of 163,000 tep in 2015. But imports rose again in 2016. In 2017, imports of natural gas ...

Ministry of Energy issues to ExxonMobil license for geotechnical study in Tuzla

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Ministry of Energy has issued on last Tuesday to ExxonMobil the license to carry out an onshore geotechnical study in Tuzla to build a gas measuring station, a press release issued by the ministry informs. The site where drills and measurements will be made consists of three plots of land with a total area of over 200,000 square meters. The license was issued following the request from ExxonMobil Exploration and Production ...

Gas imports up 5.6 pct in first four months of 2019; production, down 0.4 pct

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Romania imported in the first four months of 2019 2.803 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) worth of usable natural gas, by 5.6 percent (147,600 toe) more than in the same period of 2019, show figures centralised by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).The domestic natural gas production in the reporting period stood at around 1.1 million toe, by 0.4 pct (4,600 toe) below the one in the January-April 2018 interval.According to Romania's Energy Strategy, ...

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