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President Basescu: Gazprom, Russian Gov't interested in Romania not exploiting its energy resources

Russia's gas giant Gazprom and the Government of the Russian Federation are interested in Romania not exploiting its energy resources, Romania's President Traian Basescu argues. 'Gazprom is highly interested in Romania not exploiting its Black Sea natural gas or shale gas. Why? Because assessments indicate far higher quantitates than Romania needs. So, Romania could become a gas exporter and can stand for Gazprom in some markets. It is clear that Gazprom and the Russian Government are interested in Romania not exploiting its energy resources,' Basescu told B1 private broadcaster in reply to the question whether or not Gazprom is interested in Romania not exploiting its shale gas.

Speaking about the ongoing protests against shale gas drilling and the gold mining project at Rosia Montana, Basescu stressed it is also about ecologist groups 'extremely well financed'.

'It is clear here are groups, let's call them ecologist, which are extremely active and well financed. I do not know exactly wherefrom, but they are well funded in order to carry out these misinformation actions. What are they, in fact, not telling the people? That the resources we are currently exploiting are getting smaller year after year. If Romania fails to find other gas resources, it will import more and more year after year. We will become increasingly dependent on someone that has proved Europe it can turn off its tap anytime. The Russian Federation is no little lamb. It is a great power, one that plays all its cards in order to maintain its influence', he underscored.

The president argued the politicians should look towards the future and see how the country's energy resources can be provided.

'I wouldn't want to see these gentlemen, who are now saying that Romania should not exploit its resources, in a position to explain in ten years from now. /.../ The responsibility of today's politicians is to look towards the future a little. And looking towards the future in fact means to think how to provide the country's energy resource', Basescu said.