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Romania will cope with winter without any major energy issues

Romania will cope with winter this year without any major problem in its energy system, senior official with the Ministry of Energy George Niculescu said on last Thursday, adding that natural gas stockpiles are monitored daily.

"Another very important subject in this period is energy security. There is a lot of talk about this winter, about what problems we will face this winter. I see all kinds of say fatalistic opinions that we will have problems... The same thing happened last year around the winter season. There were all kinds of announcements preparing us for emergencies. We got through the winter last year without any problems. I am convinced that we will live through winter this year also without any major problem with the national energy system. I am the chairman of the Winter Command. We monitor daily the stockpiles of natural gas in storage, based on imports, the amounts of water in the reservoirs and, in general, all the state of the national energy system," Niculescu told a conference on new technologies, new funding and new investment in the energy sector organised by HIM Public Affairs and Club Antreprenor.

According to him, no situation that could cause problems has so far been reported.

At the same time, Niculescu said that Romania grants multiple aid in the energy area to Moldova.

"Since we are talking about regional co-operation, I should also mention the fact that we have been giving a helping hand to Moldova for some time. We have been interconnected with their system since March 16. And, congratulations to our colleagues at Transelectrica for making this possible. We grant help on several levels in the energy field to Moldova because, as we saw yesterday, following the attacks on the energy infrastructure in Ukraine, there were blackouts in Moldova as well. It is natural for Romania to take up this role as a regional leader and to help its neighbours. We monitor the security of the national energy system every day," said Niculescu.