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Romgaz currently has no objective regarding shale gas

Romgaz has currently no objective regarding exploration or exploitation of shale gas reserves and, for the moment, the potential of shale gas reserves that Romania has is not known, said on Thursday, in a press conference in Medias, Romgaz General Director Virgil Metea.

'Romgaz, at this moment, has no objective regarding shale gas. Activity in the traditional fields is sufficiently intense and our investment programs are oriented towards that sector. We are in a situation where we don't know even the potential of shale gas reserves in Romania. Normally we should know it. Because then we can talk about what exploitation programs can be done, what they are - because the controversy starts here actually (...) The difference is - and it should be made - that to know your potential is one thing and I believe it is normal for any country to want to know its potential. To exploit or run exploitation programs is different. It may happen that after knowing our potential and going to exploitation, the technical conditions be changed or improved', said Virgil Metea.

The Romgaz General Director said that at the moment, from a technical point of view, those in hold of technologies say that the risks are minimal, that it is an area where work is being done specifically to reduce the risks.

'Things are happening, we are not in an area in which to be guinea pigs. What I want to emphasize is that we must know our potential. Then we can talk about how to do it and how much', said Virgil Metea.