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The companies in Romania pay the highest prices for energy in the EU

The companies in Romania and Hungary pay the highest prices for energy in the  EU, almost three times higher than the ones paid by the companies in Finland, shows an annual report regarding the single market and competitiveness, published on Wednesday by the European Commission, send DPA.

According to the document, the prices for energy in the EU have increased significantly after the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, two years ago. The average price paid by an average-sized company in the EU has increased up to 0.21 euro/KWh in 2023, from 0.18 in 2022.

The average-sized companies in Romania pay the highest prices for electricity in the EU, from 033 euro/KWh, followed by those in Hungary, which pay 0.30 euro/KWh. At the other end, the lowest prices were identified in Finland and Portugal, at 0.10 euro/KWh.

The report of the community executive shows that the UK has registered most dramatic increases while the US has kept the energy prices at a reduced level.

Similarly, in the case of the EU, the share of energy from renewable sources has increased up to 23.02% in 2022, shows the report of the commission. By comparison, in 2020, the last year for which there are comparable data, the share of renewable sources energy was two times higher in the EU than the US and Japan.

The EU has established as target for 2030 42.5% of the used energy to come from renewable sources.