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Trangaz: Capitalization of 3.5 billion lei and dividends of 4 billion lei paid to shareholders

The stock capitalization of SNTGN Transgaz SA grew more than twice against 2008, the year when it was listed at Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), reaching 3.5 billion lei at present, while the value of dividends paid to stock holders exceeded 4 billion lei.


According to a company press release, published on BVB website, January 24, 2023 has a double meaning for Transgaz, as Transgaz SA became a publicly auctioned company, under the symbol TGN, Premium category, listed by BVB.


In the meantime, in September 2020, BVB officially became an emerging market, exceeding the status of border market, which meant the acknowledgement of the quality of the managerial act of companies listed on that market.


The stock market capitalization of SNTGN Transgaz has grown more than two times, reachig now about 3.5 billion lei, that is over 700 million euros. At present, 58.5097% of company shares are owned by the Romanian state through the General Government Secretariate and 41.4903% by other shareholders.

According to the mentioned source, SNTGN Transgaz SA is one of the companies with the most attractive divident policy. The value of dividends paid to stock holders in the15 years of being listed at BVB was about 4 billion lei.


Through the Development Plan of the National System of Natural Gas Transport 2022-2031, Transgaz SA suggests major, strategic investment projects for the strategic and sustainable development of natural gas transport infrastructure in Romania according to demands of European regulations about the Green European Accord and decarbonization,” the press release reads.


Company representatives say that investments proposed will ensure an adequate interconnectivity with neighbour countries; creating natural gas transport routes at regional level for the transport of natural gas coming from new supply sources; setting up infrastructure needed to take over and transport natural gas from off-shore areas in the Black Sea for selling it in the Romanian market and other markets in the area; the expansion of natural gas transport infrastructure in order to improve natural gas supply to areas with shortages; setting up the single integrated market at EU level.


SNTGN Transgaz SA is the technical operator of the National Transport System (SNT) for natural gas, undiscriminatory access and competitiveness of the national strategy for the domestic and international natural gas transport, research and design in the field, and observing demands of European and national law, quality standards, performance, environment and durable development.