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ANAF: About 1 million legal, other entities enrolled with tax admin's virtual space on June 30

Almost 1 million legal entities and other entities (951,579) were registered with the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) virtual private space as of June 30, 2022, up 24,039 from late May 2022, according to an H1 2022 ANAF activity report.

"Since H1 2022, important steps have been taken to achieve the objectives set for 2022. Thus, three of the targets and milestones established under the Council of the European Union's implementation decision for Romania's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) have been met, and they were met before their deadlines were over," reads the report.

Thus, PNRR Milestone 191 - Entry into force of the legal framework for the compulsory enrolment of legal person taxpayers in SPV (Virtual Private Space), which was due in the first quarter of 2022, was implemented as early as 2021; PNRR target 221: At least 600 000 cash registers shall be connected to National Agency for Fiscal Administration's electronic system, deadline Q4 2022; as of June 30, 2022, 604,099 cash registers were already connected; PNRR Milestone 195 - Operationalisation/approval of the Joint Action Plan between ANAF and Labour Inspection to prevent and limit the phenomenon of grey/black work evasion was carried out as early as February 2022, although the final deadline was Q1 2022.

In addition, ANAF took steps to meet the following targets and milestones in the PNRR monitoring and implementation schedule: Target 192 - Additional legal person taxpayers enrolled with SPV. On June 30, 2022, 951,579 legal persons and other entities were enrolled with the SPV, up 24,039 from end-May 2022, which confirms the upward trend recorded in recent months. The official target is 1,009,679 legal person taxpayers enrolled with SPV, deadline Q4 2022.

The report also mentions PNRR Milestone 218 - Facilitating taxpayers' compliance through the development of digital services by creating an online platform for auction of real estate and mobile property with significant value (according to the asset type).

ANAF specifies that a sheet for the project "An online platform for organising auctions for selling state-owned assets and those seized in enforcement " was drawn. The project is mainly designed to create a new digital service available nationwide and in real time by creating an online auction platform to facilitate the public's access to the purchase of assets from the private property of the state or seized in criminal or tax-related court cases that ANAF offers for sale in their capitalisation.

Target 222 is also mentioned - Share of the number of desk audits reported on the total audits carried out by the tax administration - 30% before Q4 2022.

In June 2022, the share was 40.3%. At the same time, in January - June 2022, the average share of the documentary audits in total audits carried out was 35.3%. In addition, a series of reform measures and actions were carried out and were included in the PNRR implementation plan at the ANAF level: - Additional reform measure "Development of an alternative model for calculating the VAT fiscal gap, broken down by relevant economic sectors" was carried through. The model was created and implemented at the ANAF level as part of an IMF mission, with support from specialists of the Tax Affairs Department.

The report mentions the reform measure related to the implementation of a webinar service dedicated to taxpayer assistance related to PNRR Milestone 216 - Digital services and critical electronic systems are operational, which was carried through. In May 2022, the webinar service was implemented and 17 webinars were held in which 2,097 taxpayers participated. The monthly list of webinars can be found on the ANAF website.