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Banca Transilvania launches virtual card with animated design in BT Pay app, a first in Europe

Banca Transilvania, in collaboration with Visa, launches, for the first time in Europe, the virtual card with animated design, a debit card, in RON, for individuals, which can be used from the BT Pay application, exclusively for online payments, the bank announced on Tuesday.

"We are pleased to mark a European first with the animated design of our new product and to add the virtual card to the options we offer our customers. Having such a card allows one to be in control when shopping online, to better manage one's budget and be environmentally friendly. The experience is as simple as possible: the card is issued instantly and can be used immediately, reloaded from another BT card in BT Pay, the details for online payments are at hand and the payment confirmation is also done via the app," said Oana Ilas, Deputy General Manager Retail Banking, Banca Transilvania.

The bank specifies that BT Pay has a new design, the main novelty being that the basic and newly launched functionalities appear on the main screen, making access more intuitive.

BT also mentions the new options in the app, such as the credit card credit increase through which the money is immediately available after completing the online steps, in about 10 minutes. The loan amount is up to 50,000 RON, depending on the product and eligibility conditions. The increase can be made on one of the following cards: STAR Forte/Forte Medici, Star Gold/Gold BT-Rotary, BT Flying Blue Classic and Premium.

Another option is Saving with Round-Up: the amount spent is rounded up to 1, 5 or 10 RON and is automatically transferred to a separate savings account, for which interest of 5.25%/ peryear is charged. If the round-up threshold is 10 RON, for a payment of 3.5 RON, the round-up is 6.5 RON, which is automatically transferred to the Round-Up savings account.

At the same time, the bank lists as options the addition of BT current accounts, regardless of currency: customers can consult their balances and transaction history for the last 30 days. Also, they can transfer money (RON) to their own accounts or to other people, respectively they can set up recurring payments.

"We are delighted to partner with Banca Transilvania to launch the virtual card with animated design. According to Visa's latest survey on mobile payments in Romania, there is a growing percentage of customers who are willing to use only the virtual card, without issuing a physical one, and who expect an enhanced user experience. At Visa, we believe that diversifying payment methods is important and we are constantly innovating to provide consumers and retailers with fast, convenient and secure ways to pay and get paid. Mobile payments, in-store or online, are among the safest ways to pay thanks to tokenization technology, which means replacing the card data a customer enters into a mobile wallet with a unique set of numbers, adding an extra level of security," says Elena Ungureanu, Country Manager for Visa in Romania.

Banca Transilvania is the largest bank in Romania and the main lender of the economy, covering all customer segments and business lines in the financial sector. With a story that started almost 30 years ago, it has a 20% market share, 3.8 million customers, over 9,200 employees, online banking solutions and 500 offices in 180 locations.