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Budgetary collections at nine months are higher by 7.36 billion lei against last year


The budgetary income collected in the first nine months of 2014 are 135.988 billion lei, up by 7.36 billion lei (5.7%) as compared to the similar period of 2013, said the minister of public finances Ioana Maria Petrescu, in an interview for Agerpres. The programme for collections for the first three quarters of 2014 was 135.381 billion lei, and this programme was surpassed by 0.5%.


The state budget for the first nine months of 2014, the collections for the profit tax were 9.073 billion lei up by 13% against the same period of 2013 for the income tax – 17.135 billion lei, up by 2.5% for VAT- 37.975 billion lei, up by 0.8% said the MFP official.


The VAT collections were by 3.2% higher than domestic operations and by 3% higher than goods import against January – September 2013. For excises, the collections after nine months were 17.544 billion lei, up by 11.2% against 2013.


In September, the total of budgetary collections was 15.491 billion lei and the degree of achievement against the programme was 104% (the programme included income of 14.988 billion lei). Against September 2013,the income collected was higher by 13.4%, 1.843 billion lei respectively.


In September, the collections of profit taxes were 195.7 million lei, by 118 million lei higher than in September 2013, for income tax – 1.972 billion lei, up by 8.15% against September 2012, VAT – 6.023 billion lei up by 4.8% against September 2013, and for excises – 2.231 billion lei, up by 12.8% against 2013.