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Four out of ten Romanians own or owned cryptocoins


The study was made among 500 internet users with ages between 18 and 55, coming from the urban or rural environment in Romania.

The market study Tradesilvania refering to cryptocoins identified the fact that the majority (96% according to the study)of the Romanians adults connected to the internet heard about cryptocoins, the biggest part being from big cities (with over 200,000 inhabitants) with a higher level of education.

At the same time, four out of ten people who heard of crypto coins own or owned crypto coins until the present moment, which shows, according to the study, the growth tendency of the Romanians to adopt crypto coins along the years.

The intention to own crypto coins in the future is manifested among 84% of the people in Romania, which shows a huge interest for this domain. This indicator is higher among the people aged between 18 and 44, among the inhabitants of Bucharest and other cities with between 50,000 and 200,000 inhabitants.

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to be the best known crypto coin among the Romanians, being mentioned by over 70% of the interviewees and is now in the portfolio of two thirds of the owners of crypto coins in Romania. Other crypto coins of interest for the Romanians include Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE). The Romanian coin Elrond (EGLD) is known by one out of five interviewees who heard of crypto, and 8% among the owners of crypto coins own EGLD.

With regard to non fungible tokens, the study identified the fact that one out of two Romanians with access to the internet heard about non fungible tokens. The share is significantly higher among those who heard about crypto, own, owned or intend to acquire crypto coins. The study shows that one out of five interviewees  who heard about NFT own such tokens.

The Ipsos study shows that in Romania the crypto users prefer information supplied by the platforms specialized in digital investments such as Tradesilvania.com. The results show the fact that the Romanian user of crypto  is educated, has a good understanding of the crypto ecosystem and preers to get informed from the specialists in the domain. The specialized sites (41%) represent an efficient source of information, especially among those who intend to invest in crypto coins in the future.

The interviewees of the study show the fact that the Romanians are interested to adopt crypto coins and NFT on a large scale. Two thirds of the people used to crypto coins consider that these can represent both the future for online payments, and the future for investments.

In 2018, Ipsos made a study for ING Bank at the level of citizens in the EU, Turkey, the US and Australia, according to which the degree of ownership of the crypto among the Romanians was 12%. The dynamics of ownership of crypto coins in Romania had a growth of 316% over the last three years.


The present study shows the fact that 55% of the Romanians used to the notion of crypto coins want that the banks in Romania offer crypto services, this being a defining element for giving up the present banking system and migration to another financial services provide. A good example in this sense is the penetration of the market by a supplier of digital financial services with over 16 million clients at European level.

The international group of French origin Ipsos occupies the third place globally in the domain of market research, is listed with Stock Exchange in Paris and is present in 90 countries. Ipsos is the biggest research group present in Romania, the three companies – Ipsos Romania, Ipsos Interactive Services and Ipsos Digital – with over 1,000 employees.

In 2021, Ipsos Romania, the research full-service agencyhas been for 20 years present on the local market.

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