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Government approves higher budgets for several ministries

The government approved on Thursday higher budgets for several ministries from the Reserve Government Fund.


*** The Education Ministry budget will grow with 3.015 billion lei. Funds will ensure the payment of education personnel incomes, scholarships for students and pupils and will cover expenses for hostels and canteens subordinated to the Education Ministry. Also, the money additionally allocated will finance state, accredited parivate and confessional education institutions.

*** The Finance Ministry Budget was supplemented with 1.2 billion lei, representing engagement and budget credits, funds meant to cover budget deficit following budget execution, the volume of debt refinanced until the end of 2023 and ensuring in advance the financing needs for 2024 according to the Strategy Managing the 2023-2025 government debt.

*** The Ministry of European Investments and Projects received an additional budget of 300 million lei, representing budget credits, the money being used to implement the temporary measure “Support for Romania”by granting December material support under the form of electronic social tickets, according to Government Order 63/2022, with later changes and additions.

*** The Labor Ministry budget was supplemented with 2.08 billion lei (engagement and budget credits). Funds are allocated for the payment of allocations for child care, for people with disabilities, house heating aid, aids for refugees and other social rights.

The Labor Ministry also received 35.6 million lei to finance expenses paid from the unemployment budget, 657.18 million lei from the Budget Reserve Fund at the disposal of the government to supplement transfers from the state budget to the state social security budget to ensure payments of social security rights.

*** The Health Ministry received a budget increase of 3.5 billion lei, funds are allocated for transfers from the state budget to the Single National Social Health Fund to finance expenses for health materials and services.

At the same time, 200 million lei were allocated from the reserve fund to the National Health Fund, thus partially settling hospital medical services granted to patients.

*** The Justice Ministry Budget will receive an additional 133.86 million lei engagement credits and 138.86 million lei budet credits as well as 1.49 million lei from the budget reserve fund at government disposal, provided in the state budget for 2023, for the National Penitentiary Administration. The money is to be used for hiring personnel in November, to be paid in December, capital expenses for November and December, as well as the social aid for November to bepaid in December, for the National Penitentiary Administration and subordinated units, including specific activities in prison hospitals.

*** The Interior Ministry Budget was supplemented with 1.33 billion lei, representing engagement and budget credits, for the payment of salaries.

The Interior Ministry budget grew with 575 million lei for the payment of social rights.

*** The Environment Ministry received 2.74 million lei for the payment of November 2023 salaries.

*** The Economy Ministries received 6 million lei, for the payment of December salaries established according to administration documents issued in 2023.