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ING, the first fully digitised bank in Romania


ING Bank will close all banks’ physical registers as of Monday, while focusing exclusively on online transactions and turning its subsidiaries in self-service units.

The bank announced this year that the main trading system will be ING’s Home’Bank, while Self’ Banks will have new types of ATMs which replace the traditional cash machines.

Employees will still work in the bank, but will focus on guidance for more complex banking operations.

ING customers can deposit cash using their ING card (RON or EUR) directly at the bank’s ATMs, they can transfer them by payment  order-if they have the money into an account at a different bank or they can transfer the money through the ING Internet banking service.

The accounts of the ING clients can be supplied by other people directly at the ING ATMs, based on a deposit code that can be asked at the ING Office for RON operations starting November 1, 2018 or by bank transfer. The customers can see and manage their rates on credits directly through Home’Bank.

According to an assessment in 2017, ING clients on the retail were already using the online banking operations for 99 percent of the basic transactions.

ING Bank Romania announced in May this year  a 32 percent increase in revenues in the first three months of 2018, up to RON 425 million. Over the past year, ING Bank has attracted 150,000 new customers, a significant increase on all business lines and at end-March 2018, the financial institution reported 623,500 users of ING Home’Bank, up by 25 percent.