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INS: taxes and social contributions retain over 20% of the households budgets


Taxes and social contributions  and other fees had in 2016 a share of 20.3% of the total expenses of the households, being 513 lei monthly per household, shows a study of the Institute for Statistics. (INS).

According to the study ‘ Coordinates of the living standard in Romania ‘ the edition with data for 2016 –published on the site of the INS the salary tax represented 39.7% and the social contributions (pension, unemployment and health insurance) 58.4% of the fiscal payments.

In 2015 the fiscal payments were 446 lei and in 2014 – 378 lei, as the data published in the previous editions of the study show.

‘The taxes, contributions, fees have a big share in the total expenses of the households where the salary  is the main source of the  income. Thus, in 2016 the share in the total expenses was 29.2% for the households of salary owners, as compared to 13.6% for the unemployed, 9.8% for the households of pensioners, 4.9% for those where the people are self-employed in non-agricultural activities and only 3.7% in the case of farmer households’ the authors of the study show.

Separated into different types of payments, the average expense per household is thus: 203.5 lei salary tax, 10.3 pension tax, 0.25 lei independent non-agricultural activity tax, 179.8 lei social contribution, 8.74 lei unemployment aid contribution, 100.9 lei monthly for health insurance.

The inhabitants of Bucharest and Banat pay the most (3,020 and 2,440 lei respectively) and those in Moldova and the south-east part of the country – the least (1,994 and 2,068 respectively) the official statistics show. Similarly, the households led by salary owners pay the most: over 1,000 lei monthly.

The ‘ necessity to cover the expenses imposed by the production in the household, of the payment of taxes and social insurance contributions and the consumption needs leave too little for investments’ say the authors of the study ‘ Coordinates of the living standard in Romania’.