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Lending up 8.3pct in April, at balance level, highest increase since the begininning of pandemic

 Lending advanced in April 2021, at the balance level, by 8.3pct, up to 293 billion lei, with this being the highest growth rate since the beginning of the health crisis, Gabriela Folcut, executive director of the Romanian Association of Banks said on Tuesday.

She added that the solvency indicator reached the highest level in the last 13 years, in December 2020, 25.14pct respectively.

"The Romanian banking system has gone through the first year of the pandemic with a number of strengths. From the beginning of the pandemic, the indicators of the system's solidity have allowed a proactive approach to absorbing customer problems and increasing lending, we say, at a sustained pace," Folcut said.

She added that the solvency ratio reached 25.14pct in December, perhaps the highest level since 2007 and the last 13 years. In March 2021, the solvency indicator of the system was 24.62pct, 3 times above the required minimum level of 8pct. (...)

According to the data presented by Folcut, the volume of new loans granted last year amounted to 84 billion lei and represented 30pct of the balance of non-government credit.

Regarding savings, Gabriela Folcut pointed out that it maintained its growth trend in 2020, but also in the first part of 2021. Last year there was a growth rate of 14.4pct, which remained in April somewhere at 14.5pct.

"What does this mean? It shows that there is a confidence of depositors in the banking system and that the banking system has a ratio of loans granted/deposits attracted of 66pct. We have indicators of stability, solidity, we have optimal liquidity indicators, as such we have resources and it is really necessary to increase lending," said Gabriela Folcut, at the conference "Solutions for financing companies," organized by the Banker and Entrepreneur Club.