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Number of past-due individual borrowers down to 672,516 this February

The number of individual borrowers overdue on loans by more than 30 days to banks and non-banking financial institutions was 1.12 percent down this February from January 2018, to 672,516, with an aggregate overdue amount of more than 7.24 billion lei, shows data of the National Bank of Romania (BNR). 

The bulk of overdue payments is in lei and euro, specifically 3.12 billion lei and the equivalent in euro of 2.92 billion lei. Arrears more than 90 days past due account for 4.21 billion lei.

Past-due payments on loans in domestic lei by individual and corporate borrowers amounted to 4.985 billion lei this February, up 1.66 percent from January 2018, and overdue payments on loans in foreign currency dropped 3.68 percent to the equivalent of 4.232 billion lei, the central bank's report shows.

Loans in domestic lei totaled this February 147.07 billion lei (by 0.39 percent more than in January), of which 61.69 bln lei corporate loans and 81.47 bln lei in retail loans.

Loans in foreign currency stood at an aggregate of 88.909 equivalent in lei this February (by 0.01 percent up from January 2018), of which 44.81 bln lei in corporate loans and 41.17 bln lei in retail loans.

The Bucharesters' outstanding loans amounted to 1.64 billion lei, and the foreign currency equivalent of 2.81 billion lei. The amount of RON-loans taken out in Bucharest was 52.094 billion lei and loans in foreign currency amounted to 43.04 billion lei.