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Payment of bank installments can be postponed for a maximum period of 9 months


Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Wednesday that the Government had adopted an ordinance according to which the payment of bank installments could be postponed for a maximum period of 9 months.

"It is about amending Ordinance 37 on granting some facilities for loans extended by credit institutions and non-banking financial institutions to certain categories of debtors. It is about extending the deferral of payment of installments to the bank. (...) If you had the bank installment postponed for nine months, you can't extend it anymore, but the others can go up to nine months and the good part is that there are people who can apply for this measure", said Citu in a press conference at Victoria Palace.

He added that requests for the suspension of payment of obligations can be submitted to the creditor until March 15, 2021, who will perform the analysis and issue the decision by March 31 at the latest.

"You know very well that there is a decision of the EBA, the European Banking Authority, which says that these rates could be postponed by up to 9 months, but we did find a solution, which we are going to present, through which we will be able to extend this facility for certain categories. We will also present this ordinance to the public, but I want to assure the Romanians that we have worked during this period and we are approaching a solution that will allow those who have been and are still affected by this period of crisis to be able to continue to benefit, or others who were later affected, to benefit from this facility," Citu said at a press conference at Victoria Palace.