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Radu Hanga, elected Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO


Radu Hanga was elected on Wednesday CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) for the next four years by the BVB stockholders, according to sources with the General Meeting of BVB Shareholders.

At the same time, Dragos Neacsu, Robert Pana, Dan Paul, Stefan Szitas, Mihaela Biciu, Radu Hanga, Octavian Molnar, Claudia Ionescu and Razvan Rat were elected to the BVB Board of Governors.

Competing for membership of the BVB Board were 12 candidates: respectively Mihaela Ioana Biciu, Radu Hanga, Claudia Gabriela Ionescu, Valerian Ionescu, Gabriel Marica, Octavian Molnar, Otto Emil Naegeli, Dragos Valentin Neacsu, Robert Cosmin Pana, Dan Viorel Paul, Razvan Legian Rat and Stefan Szitas.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) notified BVB about withdrawing its nomination of Volker Potthoff as candidate for a board member because of the limited time for submitting the documentation related to the application, as well as the candidate's request.

Three of the 12 candidates also competed for the BVB CEO position: Radu Hanga, Dragos Valentin Neacsu and Dan Viorel Paul.