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Romanians from Great Britain, Italy and Spain send largest amount of money to Romania

The amounts sent home by Romanians living in northern Europe have grown considerably of late. In exchange, those from Italy and Spain send less money, proving that they moved to Great Britain, Norway or Sweden, said Massimo Canovi, Money Gram, present at Future Banking conference, organized by Wall-Street.ro.

He said that the average amount sent in a transaction is 300 euros.

“The amount sent to Romania per transaction dropped compared to previous years because of the crisis. But the market in Romania continues to grow,” Canovi added.

According to him, the first countries from where the largest amounts of money are sent to Romania are Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Germany.

According to World Bank data, in 2016, Romanians who work abroad sent to Romania 3.5 billion dollars, compared to 2015 when 3.085 billion dollars entered the country.