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Saxo Bank: shares and their derivatives remain the instruments preferred by Romanians

The shares and their derivatives remain the instruments preferred by the clients in Romania, 2017 being a very interesting year for local investors, says Christopher Dembik, Head of Macro Analysis at Saxo Bank, in an analysis sent on Thursday.

According to him, his bank's efforts, especially in the field of ETO education (listed options), through the series of "Options Lab" seminars, begin to pay off among Romanian investors. 

The BET index, although it took a few steps back in June, is signaling that it will end the strong year, and real estate has re-entered the grace of investors, both native and foreign, some already using the shameful term of bubble after many years. 

There have also been some interesting listings in Romania and the trend of acquisitions and consolidations, including for capital brokers has continued. More and more clients, not just Romanians, are interested in the local stock exchange, with Saxo Bank having plans to add Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) to the stock market offer for future trading, added Christopher Dembik. 

"The general economic situation in Romania is quite good. GDP rose to 5.7pct in Q2 2017. In addition, unemployment decreased since the peak of 2010, to 4.18pct in July this year, and the Consumer Price Index stood in June at 1.6pct. This year has been very good for those with local stock investments: the BVB index grew by almost 12pct due to local economic growth and global positive trend. If we look at other indicators, more relative, as well, we see that the number of new cars registered in June 2017 is by 47pct higher than a year ago. There are signs that this growth trend will remain at these coordinates by the end of next year, at least. From our perspective, looking strictly at the trend of our Romanian clients in recent years, we have first of all a significant increase in the total number of investors, about 20pct more. At the same time, we have also increases in the average deposits placed by our customers in Romania," said Laurentiu Nedelcu, Central & Eastern Europe Region Manager, Saxo Bank. 

"The only way to advance in today's world is to robotize the industrial process in depth. Moreover, like any other Eastern European country, Romania needs to invest in education and professional training to achieve another growth potential," added Christopher Dembik