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Study: Most Romanians think debt is a problem that needs solving as soon as possible


Over 70 percent of Romanians think debt is a problem that needs to be solved as quickly as possible, while 15 percent think it is a minor problem for which a solution will be found, according to a study analyzing the attitude towards money and the financial behavior of the Romanian consumer.

In terms of purchasing habits, 88 percent of respondents said they would not buy an item they did not necessarily need in the household but would rather save that money. Also, 4 out of 10 Romanians are inclined to plan their spending so they can buy without hesitation what they want from their current revenues, reveals a Kruk Romania study.

Regarding the reasons why Romanians would take a loan, 71 percent of the persons with debt and 64 percent of the non-debtors declared that the main reason is the unforeseen circumstances. 18 percent of those with debt would take a loan regardless of its purpose, while only 9 percent of those without debt would take a loan without a well-founded reason, according to the quoted source.

Asked what he would do with the RON 1,000 he would find in a park, 64 percent of the respondents without debt said they would hand them over to the police, while only 54 percent of respondents with debt gave the same answer. In a ratio of 10 percent to only 4 percent of the non-debtors, respondents with debt have also said they would use this money for current expenses.

The societal research ‘The Romanians’ financial habits’ implemented by Kruk Romania at the end of last year, together with the market research agency iSense Solutions, analyzed the attitude towards money and the financial behavior of the Romanian consumer.

The research methodology was an online survey on a national representative panel of around 900 people in urban and rural areas, with a distribution of 600 respondents, people without debt, and about 300 respondents with debt. Kruk Romania is a member of the Kruk Group, a Polish debt management company, set up in 2007.