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Survey: pandemics forced the Romanian employees to spend less and to save money

Pandemics forced the Romanian employees to spend less and to save money, and two out of three interviewees will keep this habit in the future as well, shows a survey made by the recruitment platform BestJobs according to which the recruitment of the new employees is mostly moved online. Almost 50% of the interviewees state they got used to avoiding the crowded areas, and 32% consider working at home as much as possible.

Two out of three want to keep this habit which they got during the emergency state after the pandemics. Among the habits of the last period which the employees have in mind to keep is the care for health and the time spent in nature, together with the close ones (60%). Another 48% got used to it, already to avoid crowded areas and to do more sport (39%), to cook at home more often (35%) as well as to work remote as much as possible(32%) and to buy online mostly (25%).

Otherwise, 65.6% of the interviewees state they will keep a better balance between the personal life and the professional one, reason for which they intend to put less pressure on themselves (32%) and to prioritise personal life over career (27%).

As for acquisitions which were postponed or reduced during pandemics and will continue to limit during the following period, 48% of the interviewees in the BestJobs survey mention clothes, 45% gave up travel and holidays, another 44% abtained from buying electronics and household appliances and 33% limited acquisitions for their hobby.

However, over the next period, 33% of the Romanian employees plan to increase expenses for holidays and 28% for personal care services. ‘From the period of isolation, 30% of the interviewees say they lack the time spent with the close ones, while 27.6% mention the safety state which they felt, being less exposed to the risk of infection’ the survey says.

Recruitment of the new employees move online mostly, they show. ‘The emergency state made some  prejudice disappear. 33% of the Romanian employees and 40% of the employers who answered the survey from BestJobs consider that post-Covid 19 recruitment will be made almost completely online. At the same time, 29% of the employees and 15% of the employers think that in the process of recruitment besides the CV there will be necessary a presentation video, and a quarter of the employees and 35% of the employers expect to have included  more detailed skills tests. Moreover, the responding companies say that recruitment will be made mainly on the basis of recommendations from the existing employees )\(22.5%), the authors of the survey say.

Moreover, more than half of the Romanian employers (55%) prepare to face a post-covid 19 business environment more hostile,  but they state they will keep a mixture between domestic promotion in position of management and recruitment of candidates from the outside (50%). Most (35%) say they will keep their working style – the remote type of the last months and will continue to develop the online part of the business (34%).

When it comes to the impact of the pandemics on the work market in Romania, employees (82%) and employers (70%) place first the increase of the number of unemployed, followed by the drop in salaries and the reduction of extra-salary benefits. If the employers noticed that the number of those who want to change their job (25%) has increased and the candidates are easier to be found (30%), 65% of the employees who answered the survey BestJobs consider that jobs are harder to find.

The survey was made between 26 June – 2 July 2020 on a sample of 969 internet users and 142 small and medium companies in Romania.

BestJobs is one of the biggest  online recruitment platforms in Romania, with a number of over 2.5 million professionals connected to the work market and over 25,000 active jobs, both in the country and abroad.