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The government is analyzing the rise in taxes on restaurants and hotels


The government analyses the amendment of the taxation paid by HoReCa, namely the increase of the taxation for restaurants and hotels with high income, as well as for a possible increase of the taxation for the companies in the domain of gaming, supplementary to the plan to increase taxation for gaming to 40% announced for the first time in Profit.ro.


The authorities intend to present a draft of ordnance with the fiscal amendments in the period to come. Thus, in HoReCa, the specific tax would not be lower than 1% of the turnover. The specific tax paid by HoReCa, very advantageous for units and hotels with high income, was on the agenda of the Coalition and at the beginning of the discussions. Initially, there was considered the elimination of the specific tax and change of these companies to the profit tax, but later this proposal was given up. Now keeping the specific tax, but with the introduction of new criteria, the tax paid will take into consideration the income obtained.

The specific tax is a special regime of taxation which in favour of restaurants and luxury hotels, with high profitability which pay very small sums as tax. This type of taxation was introduced in 2017 and is calculated according to a specific formula, depending on the capacity of hotels or surface of the restaurants.


The HoReCa companies were exempted from the payment of specific tax during pandemics, in the context where activity was troubled by the restrictive measures of the authorities.