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The number of tax payments  made through SelfPay stations has increased by 78% in the first two months of the year

The number of taxes paid through the SelfPay stations over the first two months of 2021 has increased by 78% against the same  period of the previous year, so that over  100,000 citizens paid their taxes by using such stations, the company said.


The payment for the taxes can be made through the biggest national network of self-service  payment stations for the institutions which chose to extend their methods of collection towards the digital solution offered by SelfPay,so that the citizens do  not have to go to the town hall offices:Bucuresti, sector 4,5 and 6, Arad, Sibiu and Ciugud.


 ‘Over the last two years, through the network of over 5.500 stations of payment type self-service, Self Pay has become a very visible actor in the process of digitisation of the organisations and the  public authorities central or local in Romania, as well as in the communities where they activate. The digital solution for payment developed by SelfPay helps the local administrations to become a comfortable partner in the dialogue and interaction with the citizens through performing digital solutions, safe and easy to access, without need for  instructions for the personnel which works in the respective department. Through the SelfPay payment stations we make  sure that citizens have easy access, irrespective of the social status or the preferred payment methods to a modern system for tax payments, simple,quick and safe’ Adrian Badea, CEO of SelfPay said.


The over 5,500 SelfPay payment stations, which have this facility available,are placed in over 1,000 localities in the country and can be found in the retail networks as well as Profi, Carrefour, Kaufland, Mega Image, in commercial centres, fuel stations, banks or proximity shops. Out of all these, the SelfPay stations placed in the retail shops are among the most preferred for payments of taxes in the first months of the year (23.5%).They are followed by the payment stations in the town halls  or the tax offices (23%) and third there are the owns placed in the street (12%) which are followed by those in banking or IFN buildings (9%), parking lots, commercial centres, proximity shops, markets or fuel stations.


SelfPay owns the largest network of self service payment stations in Romania. At present, the SelfPay network has more than 5,500 payment stations with over 170 available services. Since 2020 SelfPay is a member of the Romanian Association of Fintech, body which represents the Romanian entrepreneurs who develop technical products in the industry of financial services.