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Voinea :the government takes into consideration the extension of the taxing basis and a new model of calculation for excises

The government takes into consideration the elimination of taxing exceptions for some categories of income, to fill the gap which exists ‘ in the basic scenario’ for the budget for next year between income and expenditure, and a new way of calculation for excises, according to the minister of budget, Liviu Voinea.


The basic scenario does not include this moment an increase of taxes which affects the basic salary. But in the basic scenario there is a gap between income and expenditure which has to be filled.We have to take measures but we prefer measures of the nature of elimination of exceptions which are in the fiscal code. There are many who are exempt from taxing’ Voinea said. He avoided to say what concrete measures they have in mind.


Voinea announced at the same time, that the government intends to give up next year the calculation of the excises according to the foreign exchange rate starting with 1 October, without mentioning which is the new way of calculation.


As regards the macroeconomic indicators, which have been negotiated with IMF for the budget of 2014, the minister said that he had in mind an economic growth of 2.2% for next year and a continuation of the fiscal consolidation so that the deficit target be established starting with the rectified deficit of 2.5% downwards.


The government agreed with IMF a budgetary rectification on the minus by 3 billion lei against the income estimated for 2013, negotiating an increase of the deficit for this year starting with 2.3 at 2.5%.

On the other hand, Voinea showed that the passing of some institutions supervised by the central administration to the local authorities will be made starting with the budget for 2014, but it will be limited by the government, at the proposal of the ministry of finances.


Voinea warned the mayors and the chairmen of the County Councils who insisted for deregulation if, the money is not enough, there will be the need of restructuring of these institutions.