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In the third quarter of 2016:

  • the average  number  of  pensioners  was  5251  thousands  persons,  decreasing with  9  thousands  persons as against of the previous quarter;

  • the average monthly pension was 951 lei, increasing with 0.8% as against the  previous quarter;

  • the  average  state  monthly  social  insurance  pension  was  931  lei,  and  the  ratio  between  the  average  nominal  net  pension  of  state  social  insurance  for  old  age  with  full  contribution  stage  (without tax and without health insurance contribution) and the average net earnings was 53.3%  (as compared to 53.7% in the previous quarter);

  • the  real pension index as against of  the previous year, calculated as  the  ratio between  the  nominal pension index and the consumer prices index, was 100.9%. 

The average monthly pension grew in Q3 as compared to Q2 by 0.8pct, to 951 lei, while the number of pensioners dropped by 9,000, to around 5.25 million, says a release of the National Statistics Institute (INS) sent on Friday.
The average state social insurance pension parked at 931 lei, and the ratio between the average net nominal pension of state social insurance for old age with full contribution stage (less the income tax and the social health insurance contribution) and the net wage income was 53.3pct, as compared to 53.7pct in the previous quarter. The average real pension index as compared to the previous quarter, calculated as the ratio of nominal pension index for calculating real pension and the consumer price index, was 100.9pct. 

According to INS, the total ratio of the average number of pensioners of state social insurance and employees was 9 to 10. This ratio shows significant variations in the territory, from only 5 pensioners to 10 employees in Bucharest, to 17 to 10 in the southern County of Teleorman. 

"The average pension of state social insurance varied with discrepancies nationwide, the gap between the minimum and the maximum value exceeding 400 lei (748 lei in southern Giurgiu County as against 1,181 lei in Bucharest). The pensioners of social insurance hold the majority weight (99.9pct) in the total pensioners number. The state social insurance pensioners represent 89.1pct in the total of the social insurance pensioners. By pensions' categories, the figure of the pensioners for old age was prevalent (75.3pct) within the social insurance pensioners. The pensioners included in the early and semi-early retirement categories represented 1.8pct," says the source. 

The total figure of the beneficiaries of the provisions of OUG No. 6/2009 on the establishment of the minimum guaranteed social pension (social allowance, currently), in the third quarter of 2016 was 568,200 persons, of whom 462,700 persons of the state social insurance system, representing 9.9pct of the total amount of the retired of this category, while 105,500 persons of the retired coming from the former system for farmers, representing 25.6pct of their total, says the INS.