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A Romanian out of two thought about emigrating after the beginning of Ukraine war

More than half of Romanians have considered leaving Romania after the beginning of war in Ukraine, while 12% are expecting to see how the situation evolves, and 11% consider the war will not affect them, according to a survey made by BestJobs recruiting platform, which shows that countries where they would look for a job are Germany, France and Great Britain.


Romania's geographic closeness to the area where a military war is carried out makes Romanians think more seriously about their future safety”.


26% of respondents declare they will not make that step regardless of how the situation evolves.


The main reasons why they would move to another country are: the wish to change the environment and the country where they work (38%), personal and family safety (24%), the wish to have a higher income, which is not possible in Romania (21%), the need to have more opportunities for personal development (14%) and the wish to work in a safer field, not affected by war (4%). Getting closer to relatives or people they know (27%) and the distance from the war zone (24%) are added to the list of reasons for relocation.


Thus, participants in the survey would choose destinations like Germany (21%), France (14%), Great Britain (14%). 30% considered relocating in Italy, USA or Australia.


In the context of a large number of Ukrainian refugees coming to Romania, 73% of respondents declared they thought what it would mean for them and their families to be forced to leave their own country in case of war and ask for the status of refugees in a neighbor country.


About jobs, in case they were refugees to another country, 48% said they would adapt according to opportunities available in the host country, 31% would look for a job in the same domain in which they are working now, in order to use their experience, while 14% would try to keep their present job, due to the flexibility of working from anywhere.


60% of participants in the BestJobs survey, took into account moving to another country before the appearance of a military danger, 14% said they had already made the first steps toward moving from Romania, other 14% started learning the language of the country where they intend moving, 10% started saving money for the move, while 20% said although they did not want to emigrate their family was taking action in that respect.


35% would look for the same field to use their professional experience, 24% would leave only when they have a sign work contract, while 21% would be ready to change their jobs in order to move. 14% would try to keep their jobs and work from the respective country, because of remote work, while 7% even relocated, would look for a remote job in the country of destination.

The survey was made over April 21 – May 9 on a sample of 1,054 Internet users in Romania.


BestJobs is one of the largest online recruiting platform in Romania. At any moment, there are over 4.6 million professionals connected to the labor market, over 4,000 jobs and thousands of freelancers, recruiting agents or specialists in professional and personal development ( coaches, mentors, therapists, lawyers and other specialists).



Friday, May 13, 2022