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Ambassador of Republic of Moldova: Organizing a joint meeting of Governments of Romania and Moldova, priority zero


The organization of a joint meeting of the Governments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova represents the priority zero of the diplomacies of these states, Victor Chirila, the ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest, declared for Agerpres on Tuesday.

According to him, the joint meeting of the executives of the two countries will take place "very soon" in Chisinau.

"The priority zero, in the short term, is to organize the joint meeting of the two Governments. The Embassy, of course, will also play an important role in this organization and we very much hope that this joint meeting, which will be very soon, will have concrete, significant results, in signing several essential agreements for our strategic partnership, first of all with the signing of the non-repayable Technical Assistance Agreement. (...) This meeting is essential for the way our strategic partnership will evolve," Chirila said.


According to him, Romania and the Republic of Moldova must make the strategic partnership between them irreversible. The diplomat claims that both the Bucharest and Chisinau authorities should take advantage of the regional context and apply in detail the provisions of the strategic partnership between the two states.

"There are many challenges, if we think about the regional context, which is not at all gratifying, but this, on the contrary, must mobilize us even more to take advantage of the only opportunity we have today in Chisinau and Bucharest, and considering that we have a strong pro-European majority here and in Chisinau too, so that we can make the most of this window of opportunity and give real essence to our strategic partnership on concrete, interconnection projects, and projects meant to get us even closer and increase the unique economic, commercial, infrastructural, linguistic and cultural ties we have. This is the most important thing, to make the strategic partnership irreversible. As I have also said earlier today at the meeting with President Iohannis, our strategic partnership has become synonymous with our European integration," said Chirila.

The statements of the head of diplomacy of the Republic of Moldova in Romania come shortly after the meeting with President Klaus Iohannis, to whom he presented his letter of credence. 

President Klaus Iohannis received on Tuesday, at the Cotroceni Palace, the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Bucharest, Victor Chirila, on the occasion of presenting the letters of credence.