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Drone with insignia of Ukrainian Naval Forces, without ammunition, fallen in Romanian territorial waters


The Romanian Naval Forces were notified, on May 11, regarding the existence of an air wreckage (drone) that was drifting in Romania's territorial waters, in an area located between Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe (southeast), about two nautical miles from shore.

The wreckage of the drone was recovered by a ship of the Naval Forces, being later taken over by the Romanian Air Force for the carrying out of legal procedures for identifying the wreckage and investigating the circumstances in which it arrived in Romanian territorial waters, informs a press release of the Ministry of National Defense (MApN) sent on Monday.

According to the cited source, the first data showed that the wreckage, which bears the insignia of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, did not have weapons and ammunition on board.

As a result of the air traffic data from the Black Sea region, the aircraft crashed into Ukrainian airspace, most likely during the actions of May 7 and 8. The wreckage was later carried by currents to the territorial waters of Romania, where it was spotted on May 11, the Ministry of National Defense states.

Legal procedures for notifying the Ukrainian authorities of this situation are underway.