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Dumitru, The Fiscal Council: the government is still far from the target for collections


The government is still far from the growth target for budgetary collections with 31 billion lei this year. In the context where the minister of finances Viorel Stefan announced on Thursday that the level of collections until now has surpassed the level of the Q1 of last year by 20 million lei, stated on Friday for News.ro, the chairman of the Fiscal Council Ionut Dumitru.

Viorel Stefan announced on Thursday in a press conference, that the state collected for the budget until this date 20 million lei more than in Q1 of the previous year.At the same time, for March, after 21 out the 23 working days, the state collected more than in the whole March of the previous year.

An advance of only 20 million lei in the first three months would mean that the government is far from the initial estimates, said Dumitru.

‘The government estimated an advance of 13.9% of the budgetary collections this year, namely a plus of 31 billion lei against the previous year. Even if, in the future, they will collect as much as they estimated, it is hard to believe that they will recover the minus recorded after the first two months’ Dumitru said.

The execution of the general consolidated budget for January and February closed with an excess of 397.1 million lei, representing 0.05% of GDP dropping against the similar period of last year, when the budgetary execution said that an excess of 788.1 million lei, according to the data published by the ministry of finance.

At the same time, the income of the general consolidated budget, for the first two months, worth 34.9 billion lei representing 4.3% of GDP where by 1.4% lower, in nominal terms, against a similar period of the previous year.